Founded in 2021, Optikcontrol is an independent platform born from a culture that explores our changing cities and the outdoors in new, uncommon, and creative ways. We sponsor and support the realization and publication of artistic projects within this realm. Furthermore, our network provides artists with a platform to exchange ideas and explore new opportunities to bring their own creative visions to life.


“AlongTheRust” exhibition by Olf & Marmeladov in Shuliavka, Kyiv 2022.

From 2020 until 2022, Olf worked on his latest long-term project, 'Along the Rust,' which documents Urban Explorers based in Kyiv. This subculture is rapidly gaining worldwide popularity. Kyiv has a long tradition of urban explorers and is considered one of the culture's birthplaces. Two months after Olf had taken his last picture for this project, Russia started a full-scale war and attacked Ukraine. The people Olf documented are now living in a new reality. Some of them found new means to cope while others are struggling.

In August 2022, Olf showcased his work for the first time on an abandoned skyscraper in Shuliavka, Kyiv. It was also the first time, since the war started, that most of the urban exploring community from Kyiv came together again to reminisce about the old days.



Based in Montreuil, just outside of Paris, Jeune Toy's unique creations are influenced by the city's contrasting luxury and chaos.

With a background in graffiti art, Jeune Toy finds inspiration in exploring unusual places, from tunnels to rooftops and abandoned buildings. These excursions serve as a wellspring of details, textures, and emotions that find expression in the designer's work.

Jeune Toy’s motivation to design clothes comes from a desire to break away from the monotony of mass-produced fashion and create standout pieces that showcase intricate details. Rejecting the haute couture world, Jeune Toy prefers to cater to like-minded individuals - humble and cool people who appreciate the artistry of fashion.

The garments are individually hand-painted using an airbrush technique by Jeune Toy. Each piece of clothing features a distinct design, yet all of them undergo the same meticulous attention to detail. Special fabric paints and heat-pressing techniques are employed to ensure maximum durability during washing. These garments are crafted in Montreuil 93, France.

Behind the manufacturing process of a handcrafted C-Print in the darkroom by Peter White.

A chromogenic print, also known as a C-print or C-type print, is a photographic print made from a color negative and developed using a chromogenic process. They are composed of three layers of gelatin, each containing an emulsion of silver halide, which is used as a light-sensitive material, and a different dye coupler of subtractive color which together, when developed, form a full-color image.


Kim Joalier, a 27-year-old jeweler born in Geneva, Switzerland, discovered a fervent passion for the realm of jewelry at the age of 18. His journey commenced at a renowned jewelry school in Barcelona, where he acquired the foundational techniques that would shape his path.

Over time, Kim found himself increasingly disenchanted with the education system's overemphasis on theory, leading to occasional clashes with instructors and resulting in rather amusing conflicts.

After a span of two years, Kim made the audacious choice to break away from formal education, embarking on a journey of self-discovery. He honed his craft meticulously, specializing in wax modeling through immersive courses led by revered jewelers in both Spain and Switzerland.

Kim's wellspring of inspiration stems from a diverse array of sources. He thrives on merging disparate influences, consistently pushing the boundaries of his creativity. From the nostalgic echoes of childhood memories to the intricacies of fashion, architectural subtleties, sculptural artistry, the raw energy of graffiti, the serene embrace of nature, and even the aesthetics of extreme sports – all these elements converge harmoniously to shape Kim's unique artistic universe.

His fervor lies in projects that transcend the conventional boundaries of contemporary jewelry. Equally passionate is Kim's drive to foster collaborative partnerships with artists spanning a spectrum of diverse domains.