Alexander Niklass is a Berlin-based outdoor and documentary photographer. Drawn to extreme locations like the afghan Wakhan-Corridor and the remote corners of the alps or europes overcrowded beaches, Alex has cultivated a unique portfolio that captures the spectrum of human experiences against the backdrop of diverse and often contrasting landscapes.

This zine documents two ventures of a three-man rope team consisting of Alex, Olf and Theo in the Swiss Alps.

The urge to free oneself from the struggles of everyday life was the starting point for these expeditions. Withdrawing from the civilization leaves room to fully experience the charms of nature.

The feeling of exposure, a feeling of freedom. To surrender to potential danger, to subdue it and to overcome one's fear. The daily being is challenged to take other forms, which leads to a stronger self-awareness.

Urged by this passion, we are drawn to remote places that challenge us. On the alpine tours that lasted several days, we consciously waived the usual infrastructure such as cable cars and huts.